How to Install Python 3 on Windows

This easy to follow and short tutorial shows you how to install and setup Python on a Windows computer. You can also watch the video guide which shows and talks about everything you need to know. Make sure you download the PDF presentation / test file .zip at the bottom of this guide!

Make sure you run the installation as Administrator if you encounter any issues. Click the checkbox to allow the installer to automatically modify your SYSTEM PATH variable!

If prompted, allow the installer to remove the length limit for the PATH.

Once done, you should check to make sure the correct version is truly installed…

In the command prompt…

  • Type in “python -V”
  • This will tell you the current version of Python you have installed

Open up “” (download below)

  • Go to the directory/folder that is located in
  • In your command prompt, type in “python” to open the file
  • If Python 3 is installed correctly, you should be prompted to type in your name & also provide an integer.
    • The file is just a basic demo and does not handle errors, just so you know

Download Presentation & Test File