7 Fun Projects to Code in 1 Day

As a developer, you can be at your best with programming skills, but still struggle to come up with fresh ideas or coding challenges. The following projects are intended to be completed in only one day. Experienced developers will find these simple and will be able to expand upon each idea. Beginners may struggle at first, but sticking to the core necessities of each project will help significantly. These project ideas are also able to be completed with a variety of languages. Full stack developers will definitely be able to get started with little oversight, but please be aware that programmers with limited database, general, or API & connection knowledge/skills may find some of these projects very difficult. We challenge all of you to try to build at least one project in a day, or even try all 7 coding projects over the course of 1 week. We hope you enjoy building these fun feature / app / product ideas!

News Aggregation Feature or Plugin

Building a news aggregation app or website feature can be really fun, especially if it’s just for personal use. You can decide what sources to pull your news from, including Reddit which is next on our list. You could also code your news applet in a way that allows users to choose their preferred news sources, or even political views and religious beliefs. I use APIs and other websites to display content in multiple small web apps and pages, for myself and for our clients, so I assure you it is a great project to have in your portfolio.

Develop a Reddit Bot

Whether you just want to fetch some cool cat photos from Reddit, or actually engage with their community, knowing their API is a good idea for all developers. Similar to news aggregation, many websites and mobile apps display viral images, videos, and news from Reddit. It’s allowed within their terms of service, with a few caveats, and is a great way to show the most recent content for a variety of categories. Using the site’s “subreddits” (ex: /r/ProgrammerHumor/), you can choose what type of information you want.

A Reddit bot can engage with their community through their API. You should definitely give it a look because you can search for specific content to view, upvote, downvote, reply, share, etc. Your bot should be registered as a bot with them, so make sure you do that and follow the API terms of service. Reddit bots can be created with a variety of languages. While some languages are better equipped to handle a Reddit bot’s functionality, you can write one with JavaScript (Better: Node.js), Python, or even PHP.

Build a Cryptocurrency Tracker

Creating a cryptocurrency tracker can be done in a variety of different programming languages, and is worth doing for your portfolio. There are multiple APIs to connect to for the current price of a coin, or even historical data too. At Wubur, we connect to a free & public service (CryptoCompare) for pricing and information for our cryptocurrency web development service page. APIs like this one can be used by JavaScript or PHP in a web project, or with Java like in our private cryptocurrency pricing app (wuCrypto). A simple price fetcher can be written in many programming languages very quickly. You can take it a step further by storing this information in a database or file, and maybe even auto-generating graphs and charts to show price changes.

Create a Custom Blog Software

While WordPress offers many powerful editing, design, and management features, it is not hard to create a custom blogging software. This can be done under a day if you stick the basics and are already familiar with databases and programming concepts… Single account login for your administrator account won’t take long to build with some good security. You can create a simple view to submit a new article with main content and a title, and reuse the view for your edit page. Your main page can show recent posts, and you can throw together a basic article viewing page. If you have time, go back and add categories and tags to your content. Perhaps you can even add friendly unique URLs for the articles, and throw together a basic image upload. That’s right. In just one day you can have your own proprietary blogging software to sell or release as open source. Make sure it’s secure! You can build a blogging platform with operating system languages instead of as a web software, but obviously it is much more complicated.

Code a Chatroom

While some languages are better equipped to handle a busy chatroom, it can be done with most programming languages and servers. I highly recommend using Node.js to handle the server due to the multiple connections in each chatroom, and client side JavaScript to handle events and actions. You can however code the server side logic and user logic with other languages and setups, so go with what you’re comfortable with! Just remember that not everything is ideal for instant communication happening on a large scale, so keep your chatroom private or for your friends while you test it!

You can start off with anonymous chatting. Ask each user to pick a nickname, and connect to a free CAPTCHA service like Google’s. Use this to make sure you don’t get spammed by robots. Once they “log in”, allow them to chat with everyone in a central chatroom. All of the messages will need to be stored in a database and the chatroom view will need to load in new messages as they come. If you have time, put a rate limit on the messages to avoid flooding / spamming, give each user their own email/password login, and add different chat rooms they can choose to enter instead of one single room! You can at least have the basic version done in a day, so give it a go!

Firefox or Chrome Browser Extension Development

Half a year ago, I had a lot of fun building my first Chrome browser extension. I ended up building a few different private extensions to make my life easier. I made a task management feature, a totally custom theme picker for Reddit, and a basic extension that hid many elements on Facebook to give it a more minimal look and feel. Firefox browser extensions, or for Chrome, can be challenging to build, but simple what you understand the basics. Knowledge of HTML and JavaScript is a must, so make sure your skills are up to date for this one!

Custom Video Player

Regardless of what language you are keen to develop this with, creating a custom video player is an incredible project for your portfolio. Brands across the globe can benefit from their own branded video player to give the user a fresh, exciting and memorable experience. Default video players are obviously very common, but with a custom video player you can offer the controls you want, the overlay/interface you wish to use, and even pre or post video ads, introductions/exit video clips. Better yet, create an awesome video player as an open source software (or web script)

Web Development Services

If you think any of these fun projects are daunting, but still want to expand your website you may be considering hiring professional web developers to do the job for you! Of course, most of these projects can be done in a variety of programming languages, but there’s nothing better than a web app that can be used on any device. Finding a web development company can be a great idea to ensure your project is secure, modern, and of the highest quality. I work for Wubur as a man of many roles, helping our clients from around the world as a US web development company. We build mobile apps, websites, browser extensions, and sometimes even PC/Mac software for start ups, established companies, trade skills, and hobbyists. While this is a self-plug, I can assure you that your dedicated account representative and developer team will connect with you through our client portal and phone calls to bring your ideas to life. If you are a developer looking for a job, feel free to send us your resume and portfolio!